Classic Taste

This coffee is composed of a blend of Arabica and Robusta toasted to the right point. Thanks to its harmonious combination of strength and sweetness, Mondano is an espresso that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

94% Body
75% Sweetness
94% Aroma


Arabic Taste

It is a delicate, creamy, tasty coffee. Crafted for the most demanding palates and with the aroma and scents that derive from a greater percentage of Arabica within it.

72% Body
94% Sweetness
77% Aroma



It is our decaffeinated. We use the most natural method to achieve this blend. The coffee beans are placed in hot water which is then filtered through activated carbon that blocks caffeine. Our decaffeinated blends have an extraordinary body and are also chosen by caffeine lovers.

72% Body
94% Sweetness
76% Aroma

Les Presso easy-to-use capsules are compatible with Espresso Point machines

Our ESE paper filter pods in size 44 mm (single-dose) and 55 mm (double) are biodegradable and easily allow anyone to enjoy the pleasure of authentic coffee.

Les Presso coffee beans is the 1kg format dedicated to lovers of freshly ground coffee.

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